Transforming nature into nutrition

Growing, processing and exporting frozen fruits and vegetables since 1985.

Transforming nature into nutrition

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Over 30 years

As a family owned company, for over 30 years we have been growing and processing frozen fruits and vegetables in the Bajío area of Mexico, exporting in IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) and Wet-Pack (Block) presentations.

Wet Pack

We love what we do

We work to provide the world with healthy food that complies with the highest quality and hygiene standards, while supporting our people, community and environment.

We aspire to be the best and not the biggest at what we do. We pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility with respect to customer projects.

We pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility with respect to customer projects.


All our products are processed in our facilities in Irapuato, Mexico producing 12 months of the year.

We have two industrial processing plants with a 75 million lb industrial capacity in IQF and Wet-Pack presentations along with a company owned greenhouse operation and an experienced team of Production and QA.

In order to have raw material of the best quality and offer a wide variety of products, we work with many experienced certified farmers in different locations throughout the country.

We are constantly monitoring and training our suppliers in programs such as good farming and manufacturing practices, products and agrochemicals authorized by the USDA, postharvest handling, resource transporting, foreign materials, etc.


All food safety issues from seed to finished product are specifically overseen in order to stay ahead of issues pertaining to safety to the consumer.

  • Third Party Integrated Pest Management Program (Primus) 2016.
  • Certified growers by Primus and other organizations.
  • Greenhouses, fields and plants certified Organic by Ceres.
  • Plant SQF Level 2 Audit.
  • All company growers audited by our Staff.

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